Chad Szeliga

Professional Drummer

To my fans and followers

First I'd like to start off by saying thank you for visiting my site! I give my thanks to GOD and everyone for believing in me and standing by me on the decisions I made in my career. I would like to stay connected to all the fans from Breaking Benjamin, Black Label Society and now Scott Stapp (Creed). This website will be very informative from where I have been on the past to what lies ahead in my future.

I've been playing drums for 35 years. It's my passion! On this site I offer skype or studio drum lessons, and my first ever instructional drum DVD link to purchase from drumchannel(see link on the right). I want to inspire upcoming drummers to keep them updated with the new gear, techniques, and business in the drumming community. There will be everything on my site from drum forums, lessons, videos, fan photo page, tour dates, clinics, endorses, interviews, photo gallery and the other things drummers love! STAY HUMBLE AND GOD BLESS!